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Product codes for bundles of electronic resources

Bundles of e-books and/or e-journals and/or other digital material are on offer from commercial or non-commercial Vendors, normally on a national or international level. In order to uniquely identify these bundles for metadata processing in library netwoks and local systems, product codes can be assigned by the German ISIL Agency.

Product codes always start with the prefix "ZDB-". This is followed by a 1-4 digits number as code for the vendor. A second hyphen connects the code of the particular product consisting of letters and/or digits. Mostly a three-character-code is being used. Longer codes may be assigned if necessary. Productcodes are identical to ISIL and library Code.  


ZDB-2-SEB (Springer Ebooks)

ZDB-128-VEL (Vahlen eLibrary) 


Subsets of bundles
Subsets of bundles may be assigned an individual product code if they have the same layout for all customers and have different names (e.g. subject).


Main package ZDB-23-DGG (de Gruyter E-Books)
subset package ZDB-23-DGE (de Gruyter E-Books / Philosophie und Geschichte)

Subsets laid out on customer's request in different ways will not be assigned individual codes. Only the main package containing all subsets will be assigned a product code.


Bundles with numbering of years
No new product code will be assigned to bundles which names only differ by numbering of years.


The package "oldenbourg-link / Wirtschaftswissenschaften 11/2011" will not be assigned a new code, the valid code still is  ZDB-42-OWW (oldenbourg-link / Wirtschaftswissenschaften).

However, in their own systems library networks may use MARC 21 field 912 $b "year of license" to differentiate bundles of the same name by year.   


The application for new product codes is only possible via the regional library network centres. The following specifications are mandatory:

Name of product:
Postal code of vendor/publisher: 
Place of vendor/publisher:
URL of product:
Content: e-books / e-journals / other digital material
Contact person / applicant for this product

[Note: Bundles containing titles of serials to be catalogued in ZDB can be assigned a ZDB library code (BIK) on request.]

The library network centre will e-mail the application to isilsbb.spk-berlin.de and notify the other networks via KVA-mailing list. Helpful - though not mandatory - is the categorising of the application as Pica-format.



005 Tw
092 $dZDB-…$eZDB-…
110 Oxford Scholarly Editions Online
371 Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street$bOxford$dGB$eOX2 6DP…
410 OSE Online$4c
680 BSZ 20-11-18 Neuantrag
802 S$cj$konlineproducts@oup.com
803 E-Books
805 P$f89
807 WWW$en
814 E-Books$dn$gOxford University Press$iAnbieter kostenpflichtig
856 $uhttp://www.oxfordscholarlyeditions.com/page/2/about$zA
900 $aOnline-Ressource / Datenbank

The dealine for objections will be 10 working days. After this period the the product Code will be implemented.

The deadline does not apply to applications concerning additional subject subsets of the same vendor on the same website if similar bundles already carry a product code. In this case the code will be assigned immediately.



Products administered for national use within Germany (National-, Alliance-, FID-Licences and national consortia)
These products are normally administered by one or several libraries for the entire Federal Republic. The funding may be completely or partial by DFG (German Research Foundation) or by cooperative funding modells. In some cases the funding for national use may be by one library or organisation allone. This group of license models will all be assigned the prefix „ZDB-1-“. The library responsible for administration of a product directly applies for a product Code at the ISIL-Agency. There will be no deadline for objections. 

In addition to the above criteria the respective license model must be stated (s. format description).

Example: ZDB-1-LWW (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 'LWW Legacy Archive' as national license for Germany)


Products administered for regional use (regional consortia)
These products will normally be administered by regional consortia (membership of libraries from other regions may also be possible). The consortium will be assigned a specific prefix (e.g. ZDB-60-… for HeBIS-Consortium). Consortia directly apply for product codes at the ISIL-Agency. There will be no deadline for objections. 

Example: ZDB-60-ARF (Annual Reviews current / Economic Collection [HeBIS-Konsortium])



Publication of new product codes
The German ISIL-Agency regularly announces new product codes on this page (in German only).