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Format of address records

Data for addresses of organisations with an ISIL / library code are stored as records in the address file of the Zeitschriftendatenbank / ZDB (German Union Catalogue of Serials).  This file simultaneously serves as a master steering file for holdings information for serials in the ZDB and as a registry for the assignment of ISIL and library codes in Germany.

The file is part of ZDB's network database as a Pica-CBS of OCLC. If applicable the addresses are directly linked to the serial holdings.

The address file is also the ISIL Database and MARC Codelist for German Organisations.

The addresses are made available to the library networks in PicaPlus-xml format.

To the short list of data fields in PDF. [Text in German only]

[The particular field descriptions of the address format are only available in German via the German version of this website.]