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Interlibrary lending > "Altbestandszertifikat"


Interlibrary lending certificate for old and valuable items (Altbestandszertifikat)

Holdings items deserving special protection (e. g. a main part of holdings published before 1900) are treated with special care according to the "Altbestandszertifikat".

More than 100 libraries already have given their written consent to the lending centre of their area to act according to this certificate. Libraries giving their precious items to other libraries of this group can be sure of treatment with special care in order to get them back unharmed.

The lending centres notify the German ISIL and Library Code Agency about libraries taking part in the "Altbestandszertifikat". In the online directory these are marked by the text "Teilnahme am Altbestandszertifikat für die Fernleihe".

List of participating libraries in the "Altbestandszertifikat"