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Asistance for searching libraries, archives, museums and related organisations

Search for specified fields/indices

The default index for a search is "All words". If all boxes have been ticked all types of records will be searched including deprecated records. If one or more boxes should be deactivated only the chosen group(s) will be searched excluding deprecated records.

In order to limit your search to particular fields/indices you can use the following pattern:

Index=search term  (case insensitive)



Only organisations located in Munich will be selected.

Note: search terms  containing blanks or a diagonal slash must be marked with double quotes in order to avoid the search being conducted for separated parts:

Index="search term"


sigel="jül 1"



The following fields/indices can be used for queries:

  • woe / any (all words = name, place, ISIL, emphasis of collection, remarks)
  • isil (ISIL of organisation)
  • sigel (library code of organisation)
  • nam (name of organisation)
  • sam (subject headings of collection emphasis and/or special collection subjects)
  • ken (other identifiers, e. g. ZDB library ID BIK or library ID of German library statistics)
  • ezb (EZB library identifier)
  • ort (city)
  • lva (Type of interlibrary lending. Comprises: "ÜLV" = approved for German interlibrary lending, "V" = approved for German interlibrary online lending-system, "R" = approved for regional online lending-system, "A" = approved for interlibrary lending certificate for old and valuable items) 
  • lvr (interlibrary loan region and/or library network, a comprehensive list of possible search terms is here)

Combination of search terms

You can combine search terms by using the operators "AND", "OR" and "NOT". ["AND" is used as default operator.]


nam=institut AND ort=münchen

Displays all organisations with names containing the word "Institut" and are situated in München (Munich).

 ort=münchen AND (nam=institut OR nam=universität)

Displays all organisations with names containing either the word "Institut" or "Universität" and are situated in München (Munich).

ort=münchen AND nam=institut NOT nam=universität

Displays all organisations with names containing the word "Institut" and not the word "Universität" and are situated in München (Munich).

Truncation of search terms

By default, search terms are searched only as whole words. To search parts of words, you must truncate the search terms with a star ('*').



Displays all organisations with an ISIL starting with DE-1, e.g. DE-1, DE-1a, DE-11, DE-12, ... DE-100, DE-101 etc.


Displays the organisation bearing ISIL DE-1.

Sortable result list

If a search returns several results these can be sorted according to different criteria. By default the results are sorted by ascending ISIL. This can be switched to descending ISIL, place (ascending/descending), interlibrary loan region (ascending/descending) and creation date of record (newest first). Please note that each new search will automatically switch to the default (ISIL ascending).


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